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Amazonite gemstone meaning

Like the powerful river for which it is named, Amazonite is a stone of flow, strength and adventure. When facing challenges, this stone brings the energy of water to move around and over obstacles, holding you buoyant in its force. It reminds us that life’s current will take you where it needs to and you don’t need to fight for control, helping you to trust and open to change.

Amazonite is an optimistic stone. It bolsters a positive mindset and strengthens your efforts to communicate and uplift others. The stone helps you see new routes to achieve your goals when all seem blocked. It also helps you to spread light, sharing the very best of yourself with your community.

Finally, it is a stone of play. By helping you to see new ways forward, holding you in the energy of the flow, amazonite can heighten your confidence for and sense of adventure. It allows you to play and explore. A gemstone that makes your inner child dance.

Shine bright,

-xo, cj

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