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C'mon baby, light my fire

Pyrite gemstone meaning

A longtime favourite of ours, PYRITE takes its name from the Greek for “fire”. This iron ore can even emit sparks when struck against metal. (Please don’t do that with your pieces though, as the stone can fracture.) You might also know it as Fool’s Gold, metallic flakes and cubes that broke many a heart in the Alaskan Gold Rush.

PYRITE is a supercharger, bringing fuel to the fires of creativity and confidence. True to its name, it burns through procrastination and self-doubt. It’s the perfect gemstone to grab when you want to stoke yourself up for a challenge and set the world on fire with your gifts.

Finally, PYRITE is a powerful protection stone. It radiates a shield that protects you from all forms of negative energy. This gemstone also promotes your physical well-being, fostering a healthy body with feet firmly on the ground.

So go ahead, all a little fire to your collection!

Shine bright!

-xo, cj

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