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Pretty in Pink

Selection of Pink Opal Jewelry Beads  and Gemstone Meaning

Who knows why any of us are drawn to a particular stone? When we go to the stone markets, we trust our eyes and hands to tell us which to choose, often without a design in mind. And then we play and touch the stones, waiting for the design to come. This year we have found ourselves with an abundance of pink opal beauties. We can’t help but think it is the perfect stone for this moment!

In ancient Egypt, pink opal was used to crown the Pharoah when he undertook construction. In the Andes, the longtime source of pink opal, the Incans held the stone sacred. They saw it as a reminder to the people to live in harmony with themselves and each other.

In crystal meaning circles, the stone is one of the love stones. A gentle power, pink opal works to heal emotional wounds and opens us up to greater connection with others. It brings compassion and empathy. It allows us to view things without judgement, strengthening our sense of and place in community. Finally, it quiets our fears and encourages us to remain calm as we put our true self out into the world.

We always have the chance to renew connections, to build new and stronger ones and to put our best self out into the world. Be gentle, be kind, to yourself and to others. Soothing pink opal reminds us of all of this. So even if it feels a little weird, reach out for that connection, look for the connecting points of community and act on them. You've got this. Shine bright! -xo, cj

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