Which materials do you use?

We use quality gemstones and pearls.  All of our pieces are made with sterling silver, unless otherwise noted.  Whenever possible, we source fair trade.  

Why do the stones on my piece look different than those on the website?

We work with natural gemstones.  Many of our stones have natural texture, inclusions or colouring that can differ from stone to stone.  By their nature, there is some variation in colour, markings and size.  This is part of the unique beauty of each piece that we create and means that the piece you receive may vary from the one pictured.  

Why do you use unusual lengths for your pieces?

We feel that every design has its own unique balance.  Standard lengths, arrived at more than 100 years ago when bodies were also different than they are now, rarely make the most flattering choice.  However, we are happy to adjust the length of a piece.  We believe, like clothing, your jewellery should be tailored to you when necessary.  Don't hesitate to contact us for length adjustments.  

Do you accept returns?

All sales are final.  However, please contact us if you have a problem with your order.  

An item I want is sold out.  Can I still order it?  

If we are able, we will happily make one for you, or notify you when we have more in stock.  All of our collections are small batch.  Sometimes, due to the availability of gemstone cuts, it is not possible to make another.  

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