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Walk Like an Egyptian

Lapis Lazuli gemstone meaning

The stone of the heavens and royalty. Truly one of the world’s oldest gemstones, Lapis Lazuli has been treated by humans as precious and sacred for thousands of years, from China to Babalonia, Colombia to Egypt. Used to ward off evil, the stone has long been linked with strength and courage, royalty and wisdom, intellect and truth.

One of the softer stones, Lapis Lazuli has been ground up and used as pigment for some of the world’s most stunning art. The particular blue of the Virgin Mary’s robes in the Sistine Chapel is due to Lapis Lazuli. Cleopatra’s famous eyeshadow was also Lapis Lazuli. It wasn’t just a fashion choice. The Egyptians wore its powdered form over their eyes to improve eyesight.

Lapis Lazuli helps you see clearly. It helps you to strip away stories and see the truth that lies beneath. This gemstone helps you to get real and honest, and helps you connect and integrate all the lessons of your own experiences and the broader knowledge of your ancestors. In this way, Lapis Lazuli brings you in touch with wisdom. Use this stone when you need to have an honest, fair and truly constructive conversation.

Shine bright,

-xo, cj

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