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Drop Cluster Earrings - $138

3” drop from piercing


Lapis lazuli, kyanite, iolite, amethyst, chalcedony, Sterling Silver




An abundance of gemstone drops! There is something so lush and luxurious about a pile of gemstones dancing at your neck, around your face, in your fingertips. While still light and easy to wear, DAPHNE delights in this richness and exhuberance, Each piece is its own, unique combination of gems, mixing shapes and colours for an elegant statement about the deep pleasure of a pile of stones.


The necklace includes our signature gemstone detail at the clasp. Wear it in front, at the back, or don’t worry wear it ends up.


Gemstones are a natural product.  Variations in colour, shape, size and markings are part of their beauty.  

DAPHNE Blue Gemstone Cluster Drop Earrings