Drop Necklace

21.25" long; pendant drops up to 1.5"


Pink Agate, Peach Moonstone, Moonstone, Orange Sapphire, Pink Opal, Sterling Silver




A merry cluster of gemstone drops to dance around your neck and play with in your fidgety fingers. Genvieve is equally at ease with her feet up, deep in a long conversation with her closest intimates as she is holding the floor, sharing her particular expertise. Light, sturdy paperclip chain keeps the balance and swing of the gemstones dangling from it. There is a LOT of variation in these stones, so each piece is truly one of a kind. If you see one that speaks to you, don’t wait!


Mixes well with  the HARRY, TRINKET, LISE, and SIOBHAN Collections

GENVIEVE Pink Agate, Peach Moonstone Drop Cluster Necklace